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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
I think the 'tegha' term is less than useful and so vaguely described in most sources it's actual application is questionable. Most of the swords I have seen with the term used have been excessively broad bladed and often regarded as 'executioner' swords. These however are likely in most cases of ceremonial or bearing type use.

Hey Jim,

There seems to be a trend among some collectors of these swords at the moment toward (finally) tackling the division of swords we have always simply called 'Tulwar' into more specific sub-categories.
The reason I posed the question of 'shall we call it a tegha?' is that I have noticed recently he term being more favoured in some circles for broad heavy curved Tulwar, not just the exaggerated examples that we are all used to.
As such, I actually find it rather useful to have as a distinct sub-category and as such I would think that Normans fine heavy curved sword is broad enough to be described as a 'Tegha Tulwar'.
I should add that I don't know the origin or if there is an accepted line where a broad curved blade becomes 'tegha' but there it is.

Besides, anyone who was alive in the UK in the 70s will know that the primary use for those 'giant' Tegha is actually for cutting your Fry's Turkish Delight.
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