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Default Arquebus fork rest c.1529-1530

Hello guys, my English is quite poor, and I write using google translator, sorry.

I thought the arquebuses were light for use without fork, but I've seen in a pictorial representation which undoubtedly are spanish arquebusiers carrying arquebuses and forks.

La cavalcata dell'Imperator Carlo V nel suo ingresso in Bologna. Venice c.1530

The last two images from the Entry of Charles V into Bologna in 1529 to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor:
Italian text:
Nel ultimo sono venuti, 6, bandiere di
spagnoli li quali sono venuti co la ce-
sarea maestà p mare li qualli vien sti-
madi apresso 3000 , et veneno in or-
denanza a 5 a 5 ,a chavalo et a pede. Et
questo se fa notto a tutte le natione
Stampata in venetia a di p.º luio.

Spanish translation [by myself]:
En el último vienen 6 banderas [compañías] de
españoles, los cuales han venido con la
cesárea majestad por mar, los cuales son
estimados en unos 3000, y vienen
en orden de 5 en 5, a caballo y a pie.
Y esto "se hizo notar" a todas las naciones.
Estampada en Venecia a primero de julio

English google translation [sorry again]:
In the last [image] six spaniard flags [companies]
who have come with Caesarean Majesty by sea, which are
estimated at about 3000, and come
by 5 by 5, on horseback and on foot.
And this was pointed out to all nations.
Printed in Venice on July

Notice that the German arquebusiers - lansquenetes - are represented with arquebuses without forks:
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