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Default 17thC Horseman’s hammer

This object was described as a 17thC Eastern European horseman’s hammer (Reiterhammer) in an auction. I think it’s most likely Hungarian. The wooden haft is obviously a modern replacement. The distance from hammer front to end of parrot’s beak is just under 18cm, which size supports the idea that it was meant for use in mounted combat. Interesting features include ”fullers” in the parrot’s beak and a ”swelling” for additional strengthening behind the hammer. Signs of wear at both ends indicate that the hammer has seen fairly frequent use. The shine on the metal indicate good quality steel. There are latten (brass) inlay patterns on the metal. I think there was originally also a now missing small cylinder cap part to cover the top.

Any comments or insights are welcome. Is it difficult to make latten (brass) inlays, and does this indicate that the hammer likely belonged to an officer?
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