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Originally Posted by weapons 27
I bought this sword with this sheath .. I was not sure he was going with this sword .....
apparently he would belong to that sword ...
The style of large knife you show is common in northern Laos/Vietnam and has a strong Chinese flavor. This has already been discussed by others.

The open scabbard is one of many styles and was probably intended to carry a small mak. Although at one time the mak was a weapon, it is a common utility tool found widely in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is a curved utility knife somewhat resembling a sickle or bill hook, and a search of this site will show examples of varying lengths and styles (see here for example: Your scabbard would have held a short example of that working knife, which is used mainly to chop firewood, clear brush, etc.

Attached are three examples of mak. The two smaller ones are similar to what would have fitted originally in your scabbard. The longer one is used for heavier brush and cutting larger trunks.

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