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Definitely it will be long before they rescue the cannons, to my despair. I have visited the local Museulogic facilities and a girl with a French accent (?) said that they still wait for good (sea) conditions ... and that also some American guys are coming to assist in the works (how about that ?). According to the three different sizes (calibers) of the stone balls (pelouros) exhibited, there must be a variety of cannons down there. And, nor does man live by bread alone, i took a couple ictures of some of the findings that came ashore in the mean time. The girls says there are many others kept 'downstairs'. The usual story; they always have more than those they show ... and then, who is going to check if some of hose things don't fly away ?
The 'offerings plate' depicts Saint Christopher.
The only problem with my visit was that the museologic center is situated in an archelogic site and some period warrior came chasing me.

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