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Default Several bundles of Austrian matchcord in the Higgins Armory Museum Worcester

They were acquired from the sale of the complete contents of the Schloss Hohenwerfen Armory near Salzburg/Austria at Anderson Galleries, New York, March 1 to 5, 1927:
The Great Historical Collection of Arms and Armour - the entire contents of the Armoury ... H.I.&R.H. Archduke Eugen, F.M., lots 201-206, 277-282, 705-710, 940-945, 957-962; two 'fuse-rope bundles' were included in each lot!
A copy of the original 1927 auction catalog is in the author's library.

The Higgins inventory gives an average length of 'ca. 20-30 m' per bundle, at an diameter of 'approxim. 12 mm' and a weight of '1 lb. 10 oz.'

It is also stated that their diameter of 12 mm 'suggests use with artillery linstock'. This statement has been contradicted above by the author.
It is all the less understandable considering the fact that the Higgins also acquired a number of matchlock muskets from that same sale; I would suggest putting a length of matchcord in their serpentines/match holders - I guarantee it will fit perfectly as soon as the wingnut has been adjusted!

The cover page of the 1927 sales catalog and a view of Hohenwerfen Castle are attached at bottom.

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