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Default Early round wooden powder flask

At an auction last weekend I was fortunate to acquire an early powder flask which generated very little interest when it came time to bid.

It is obviously old but I did not think it likely to be as early as the 16th Century as per the brief description. It has a small leather draw string bag on one side, this I at first thought to be for flints & I therefore thought it likely to be a flask for early flintlocks.

However having spend several hours perusing the excellent information that Michael "Matchlock" (R.I.P.) posted here on early powder flasks I find that this is indeed most likely 16th century & that the pouch would not therefore have been intended for flints, but for other small items.

The info is however mainly about other shapes of flasks, such as Trapezoid & although Michael most tantalizingly showed a photo of an almost identical flask (see 2nd photo) in a collection (his I assume) I have been unable to locate any discussion about it. I would like to learn what country of origin is most likely & also if for military as opposed to sporting use & any narrowing of the date range would be very nice.

Does anyone recall having seen one of these discussed before or able to help with info in any way please?
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