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You have set yourself quite a challenge here..................sorting fact from years of fiction!
I can add nothing as to what Doc used in the way of a shotgun, and we do know that every inventive soul out there have added their ideas to the list.

All I can say is that from a practical point of view, Wells Fargo guns would Probably be double barreled hammer guns, of (as you stated ) 10 or 12 bore , with 12 getting the nod, and barrels not too short, so say 24" as a guard may have to engage a target at a longer range, say within 40 to 50 yards at times.
As for the buttstock, it would be much more serviceable with a proper (full)length , than one cut down and not allowing it to be used from the shoulder.

If it were me "back then" this is the type of shotgun I would be looking for, and no fancy gimmicks. :-) (except I'd go for barrels a tad longer, say 26")

As for markings, I would imagine Wells Fargo arms to be stamped or branded on the stock, in other words marked cheaply and easily, for aid in recovery if 'nicked".
So, Nothing concrete here, just what I Think may have been the case!!

All the best Jim and all,

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