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Pukka Bundook
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Good morning, Michael.

Thank you for the reply.
I am surprised the dummy wheellock was made that way. I have never seen one before with such nice internals, inc. engraved spring!
It shows that at this time, the old matchlock was not looked down on, as something inferior.

Re. the Styrian wall guns, a few things surprise me;
The barrels look to be of high quality, Very well finished!.....something not always seen at this early date.
More surprising to me, is the use of a conventional trigger and guard!
(When we think that sear locks were being made for about 100 years after this time, and many snap locks were still using the button on the lock-plate, or an early unguarded trigger.)
It is interesting to see the trigger and guard off-set, so as to make the reach shorter on the heavy, thick stock.
Also. this is the first time I have seen this simple method of tightening the jaws of the cock on the tinder. .....Very simple! I would like to try making an arrangement like this!
Looking at these pictures, I started to itch to give these guns a 'drink' of oil!....they look a bit dry and thisty.

Graz looks like a place to not miss if I ever get to that part of the world!
I could be los in there for hours...days!

Thank you for posting these pictures!!

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