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Hi Emanuel,

thanks for the reply. The dimensions are very similar blade nearly 6 1/2" and handle without 'pommel' nearly 3 3/4". The blade is definately functional and the blade edges retained alot of sharpness even though they have not been 'dressed' for quite awhile. With a little 'honing' this blade would be a very sharp indeed.

As to the creamy white 'plastic'.....I think you are right.....after cleaning some more....I think they could be bone. Under a magnifying glass....looking down at the surface of the 'top ring', you can see areas of circular 'structures'. ( Similar to what you would see if you tied a number of bamboo canes in a bundle....and looked at them from one of the two ends.)

Actually....for some reason...I keep picking it up and handling it......even though it was has something
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