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Hi Theodor,

What makes you think that ? It was most likely cleaned indeed, hence the "new and shiny" look of the brass, but otherwise it is stylistically similar to known example from the end of the XIXth / very early XXth century, while more recent takouba (post 1940 / 50) have a really distinct style.

The pommel and the blade could indeed be older, but I don't think the rest of the fittings are that recent either.

(And I do understand it wasn't really unique, but to me it was a really appealing, harmonious, sword; perhaps because I practice HEMA, and appreciate how effective or balanced a weapon might look )

EDIT : I also have seen takouba where the pommel was treated (maybe oil blackened) to give it a darker finish than the rest of the hilt, which could be the case here.
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