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Dear Mister David, you are correct, but my disappointment was not about the pendok, but more of my own mis about the gold....

Dear Mister Maisey, i agree with what you see. I"ll try to upload some pictures with as bench mark some other keris with pendok, and with a white shit on the background. The pendok is absolute darker. Thank you for the name suasa bubul, i didn't know that!

Dear Mister Jean, i also thought, like you and mister David that it is probably Solo but i was not completely sure because of the odd form. Naranda Khanda is from a spiritual view very plausible because if you can have the messanger of the god as a guard for your pusaka... Looking at an other person with belly, then Bima would also be a great guard, the big hero of the Mahabarata, but doesn't know if that exist.

I also think your right about a twisted pamor. It would be nice to know, a new keris is always a puzzle, trying to get into the mind of the creator of the keris....
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