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There is a place in the discussion where Mr. Drescher mentions Pamor Poleng Wengkon, and Yosoroto ( a kampung in Solo) but is unable to recall the name of the pande with whom he worked in Yosoroto.

That Pande was Empu Pauzan Pusposukadgo, or as he preferred to be titled "Pande Seni Keris Pauzan Pusposukadgo" .

I seem to recall that this keris was presented to a Government Minister, Surono, at a ceremony held at the ASKI in Solo, in 1979.

Mr. Drescher designed this pamor motif, and Pauzan Pusposukadgo made the keris. Below is a photo of the keris, and the working drawings provided by Mr. Drescher detailing its construction.
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