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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
Yes sort of like that! As a matter of interest I had a percussion revolver do that to me some years ago. Scary at the time but then one has to experience something like that to gain respect for the dangers of older type weapons, and the extra care taken when one wishes to shoot them.(Still got all my fingers by the way)

Good notes Stu, few really realize how dangerous guns were back 'in the old days' often more so to the guy using it. Naturally flintlocks could easily blow up if too excessive charge of powder. We never hear about those cases in accounts of battles.
I once visited a museum in Wyoming that featured lots of guns dug up in old battle sites etc. There were some revolvers of the Colt navy type (hard to tell as they were in bad shape) but had exploded when firing literally in the face of the guy shooting, it was noted he did not survive.

Fun thread!!! Good to have some humor here and not always so serious !
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