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I think I might have it!!!
According to the Wallace Collection (Mann, 1962 p.302 A595) a rapier by Jasper Bongen the elder, Solingen around 1620 with blade more in accord with usual form with narrowed ricasso. The mark is a crowned B.

According to Kinman ("European Makers of Edged Weapons, Their Marks", 2015, p.14) this maker is recorded 1600-50, and his mark was a cartouche with IB and a crown, but in horizontal posture. There seem to have been variations of the mark, and his son 1640-75 used variations of a crowned ox.

I would say this is an arming rapier blade by Jasper Bongen the elder in Solingen first half 17th c . with the triple marks following the Wundes kings heads manner.
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