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Default Tulwar with pronounced Yelman.

A new addition to my Indian collection. Total length 38 1/2 inches, blade 33 1/4 inches, thickness at greatest 9/32 inches, width 2 inches reducing to 1 1/2 inches just before Yelman. The Yelman is 11 inches long and the back edge is sharpened for the first 3 inches. This is the 'meatiest' and sharpest Tulwar in my collection and the heaviest, needs a good arm to chuck this around. I don't want to speculate on age, origin and blade type/make-up but eagerly await members views and opinions. I look forward to hearing from any and all Forumites.
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P.S. I have included photos of three Tulwars of mine with varying degrees of 'Yelman' the most pronounced being the one in this thread. I have also included photos of the hilts of the three swords in the same order to show the difference in ricasso widths.
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