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Battara; thanks for tributing the piece to the tribe of origin!
Regarding the blade. I was actually quite surprised to see the blade come out so shiny. Initially I also assumed the blade was polished, but seen and knowing the provenance and uncleaned rest of the sword I came to the conclusion it is not tempered/polished with at all. Though I do wonder at the moment if they have added something to the iron that gives the metal such a shiny finish . . . .still after years (no oxidation).

<I tried to make some more pics of the blade and also of the extra shiny spot where the blade touches the wood scabbard (near handle at budendside), but my computer is having some cures at d moment>

Before I have had another barong which was also not tempered with which showed the natural discoloration -faint oval forms in greyish n different hues- showing its 'activities' of different forgemetals. (shown pics before to show Sajen in this forum in a 'to acid or not to acid'-topic). So when there IS layered forging one will see it also without acid-ing (which will just enhance the effect more).

As this piece will be for trade and can always cleaned in a minute -but not reverse- I will leave it this way and even not clean the silver.
>>>>>its all soooo original now !!!!! <<<<<

Charless; have encountered that pic also when searching for a picture of s Sulu sultan wearing the Dress sword (see my other latest thread on pics). But thanks. Will continue my search as one may also search for 'Sulu datu' perhaps.

Thanks all so much for the comments!
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