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Default Tosanaji Keris List Number 79

Catalogue 79 from Tosanaji is now available for viewing at:-

If you cannot reach the catalogue by using this link, try this one:-

this is my site home page, a link on this page will take you to the catalogue.

I suggest that you refresh the page before you begin to look.

This catalogue contains 25 keris and 9 other weapons. A number of the items listed have come from my personal collection.

I hope you enjoy looking.

This catalogue was published yesterday morning, that is:-
Jakarta Indonesia 2am. Monday
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 3am. Monday
Rome Italy 8pm. Sunday
Paris France 8pm. Sunday
London UK 7pm. Sunday
New York, USA 2pm. Sunday
Los Angeles USA 11am. Sunday

but the pressure of orders yesterday was too heavy to permit me to place my usual advice of publication into this Forum.

Most of the items listed have already been sold, but with this catalogue I included a number of keris & other items that would not normally go into one of my on-line lists. I did this because I thought it might help relieve the situation that many of us have found ourselves in during the last few months.

Even if you do not want to buy, or cannot buy, this list is worth looking at.
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