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Originally Posted by kai
Hello Mike,

There is no way of knowing if this keris was forged with meteor iron unless you start full-blown (and partly destructive) scientific material testing which most likely will yield negative or inconclusive results though. From statistics alone, chances for use of meteor iron are slim to none, anyway.

This blade started out as a straight blade and, unfortunately, someone tried to grind the waves into the blade by stock removal; certainly not a traditional approach, sorry.


Kai, that makes sense on the luk's. Would explain why they looked a bit off, which was one of the reasons I vacillated on it. I had not thought of a latter modification to a forged blade, good eye. As to meteor iron, it depends on how it was forged. I have seen blades where the Weidmann pattern is still visible. It is not easy to do you can't forge too hot, but I have seen it. I would have to clean it up and give it a ferric bath, might be worthwhile.
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