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Originally Posted by Victrix
Itís a pity I only found this thread on my return as the first two small rooms on the top floor were dedicated to the Risorgimento period I believe...

I too though this thread was pretty recent, so as per your post. I must say that, when i entered the castle, with no recommendations, i was not arms thinking but intending to admire the building itself. Then at the entrance i saw a few objects in vitrines and realized the castle was also a museum. However, after a better look i noticed that, what should be expected in such historic place and attending to glorious Roman Empire history, what was exhibited in the hall vitrines in connection with such period, gladius and its 'peripherals', was a couple examples in a tremendously excavated condition. And that was all they show concerning such charismatic period. What a deception.
Then when visiting the floors and like you, i skipped the sections with more 'modern' material.
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