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Hi Jens,
Are the color photos you are showing in the catalogue of Moser ?
Did they make that good color photos in 1912 ?
I have almost the same photos, but not as good, in the book :By Shah Emir und Khan by Roger Balsiger und Ernst Klay. 1992 Meier Verlage. (unfortunately in German)
There are extraordinary photos in this book but the colors are not as good as yours.
The wife of Henry Moser, Marguerite Schoch is part of my family ( as his sister Henriette Schoch, as he married the daughter of his half sister) , that however did not help me find a copy of Moser's catalogue or his book :" A travers l'Asie Centrale", at a decent price .(it was quoted at 710.- $ in 2000 in London ! far beyond my possibilities )
I recall only two kris in my book, may be you have many more in the catalogue ?
Thank you for these excellent photos
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