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Originally Posted by motan
Thanks Jim and Ibrahiim for posting some top quality examples.
It seems that this thread is at its end and therefore, I thank everybody who paticipated and summarize what I have learned from and because of it.
- Koummyas originated around the early 19th century. There are several "classical", more or less well defined types described in the literature
- There are also mixed styles and later developments that makes the identification more difficult, like the one in the last picture, which is a mix of the "Queue de Paon" and Chapeau de Gendarme" types. The are also lower quality, but authentic "village" types and "modern" production pieces with both original and fantasy motives
- The better Koummyas demonstrate Morocco's fine and characteristic tradition of silver decoration and crafts in general
- The more I read what you wrote and the more Koummyas I looked up because of this thread, the more I valued the one I have and therefore I decided to keep it. Eytan

I am never sure threads actually ever end per se since Library stores these details so that somewhere in the future some bright student of Ethnographic Arms n' Armour will follow up and solve some of the mysteries we have outlined... From my point of view this is all a learning curve for which the excellent pictures and details you have provided will inspire someone later...

I think the last picture I posted is as you note Queue de Paon with the typical peacock tail pommel but not quite the Gendarmes Chapeau...Nice to hear you are keeping your Khoummya !

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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