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In the process of thought, I had meant to offer a couple of readings that have somewhat piqued my own interests of association.. The first in some years ago looking at the first charter of the British Odd Fellows, which was brought out as an opportunity for those barred from the public (do note public) Free Masons brought forth in the early 18th century. With the Odd Fellows, the distinction between classes of society are then blended further than freemasonry at the time.

A good look at the guilds and structure, including Edward III buying his ticket in the linen armourers' guild.

Then, a good look at the tarot in context with the secret society and an essay from quite some time ago I have read and re-read. Both links actually have helped guide my own thoughts as the hilt decoration being as much simple guild class structuring as meaning to be less convincing it is masonic but rather that the masons and other groups have/had adopted the structure of the guilds back to the first instances of political and religious structure in Europe.

Arguably, the stone masons guild could be held up as the cornerstone of building all guilds and an example of how to structure society but were they the first? Considering the earlier influences of knowledge going much further back than Europe's stone masons guild, it is rather that these groups including all the medieval the guilds reach back to divine creation and the supreme being.

Kipling's short story of The Man Who Would Be King points out the adoption of the Kabbalistic truths by the Free Masons, not the other way around. Poor Danny's head served up with the crown.

So anyway, the parallels kind of obvious but that goes back to my first question about "what's up with the diamond in the counterguard?" The pentacle changed to a four pointed mullet to satisfy the church? Likewise cups being changed to a heart to satisfy Catholicism? Wands to clubs (see the eaglehead examples)? Swords to spades?

Could the four tarot interpretations then classify (literally) the decorations?


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