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Hi JIm,

I appreciate the thoughts and time to look at the Masonic influences but in terms of specifically for those against the crown, I would remain entirely skeptical that such were special order from the big English cutlers. The diamond in the bow from these cutlers mentioned would have been a standard option of decoration (even if less common).

To me, the tarot implications seem to make more and more sense as finding now three of four suits with cups (church/royalty), swords (military), pentacles (industry/guilds) and wands (labor/force), the struggles of the masses.

With (in my mind) cups, swords and pentacles accounted for in my hypothesis, I'd like to add another for consideration in one decoration that became almost ubiquitous as found on second quarter 19th century eaglehead pommel swords but a repeated pattern that has been pointed out as found on cutlery back at least to the 17th century.

In considerations though, the tarot class associations do bear fruit if looking at the base of the pyramids beginning with tilling the earth (a tough row to hoe) in preparation and building to the pinnacle. With modern fraternal efforts also born out of the guild's structure, the base of believing in a supreme being does culminate at the top of the pyramid with royalty and the church.

Attached are a picture of a very common pattern found on Solingen eagles that must have been made as rolls of metal to make the thousands of ferrules. Your take on these oak leaves and wands may be something to consider.

Also a steel/iron hilted sabre I have here that has had the bow removed but who knows what was bracing it; whether heart, spade or other device. The brass bow easily broken, it may well be that so many were removed as damaged but could they have been removed purposefully (more reasons an opposition might make sense?).

My sweetheart hussar was deemed Swedish by Jeff Forgeng of the Higgins. The broken infantry sized one undoubtedly British manufacture and and a random example of the oak leaves with wands that adorn these ferrules. The last a matter of the volume of them surviving and the mass production of Solingen.


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