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Originally Posted by kronckew
Tusks are elongated, continuously growing front teeth, usually but not always in pairs, that protrude well beyond the mouth of certain mammal species. They are most commonly canine teeth, as with warthogs, pigs, and walruses, or, in the case of elephants, elongated incisors.

Thus 'armed to the teeth' is correct especially with a chain of translations from indian languages to western ones and then to english here. Elephant swords were mounted on teeth, the TUSK ones, or front incisors if you want to be more precise.

Ahah!! Now that reveals my total lack of specific knowledge of mammal dental conditions Dr. Kronckew!!! I think this would constitute a 'fox paws (faux pas) on my part, and my pun was actually not so punny. I am puzzled by the note that these elongated teeth do not always extend in pairs though. Some mammals have only one tusk, or possibly more than two?

While my comments on the description of attaching swords (more accurately, blades ,as these are not technically with a hilt to be held by a human hand) are apparently incorrect as far as attachment to the teeth also known as tusks on elephants in particular......I believe my observations to the nasal extension (?) known as a trunk (in elephants) having any sort of 'sword' (blade) attached still apply.
It is great to learn more on this topic with these zoological elucidations!
Seriously, thank you Wayne, very well noted.
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