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Originally Posted by Kubur
some of these blades are signed by sword makers from the 19th c.
Look at this MET sword (I have one from the same maker with a revival hilt...)

Well... nope! This is actually a confirmation that you have an older blade that was re-hilted.


1. How do you know the signature is of a 19 century swordsmith;
2. How do you know that the blade wasn't originally meant for business/battle;
3. How do you know that the signature wasn't added at the later date?!

There is a significant difference between early 19th century, when swords were still made and used in battle, and late 19th century when swords became more of a fashion item.

My two cents.

PS: I am not aware of any documented 19th century Persian swordsmiths that produced wootz. I would appreciate any information about this topic.
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