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Originally Posted by Kubur
Why? I'm interested to know... Could you explain? Thanks

The handle type as it appears from the photos seems to be one with very small ears, evern itís broken, you can see the shape is kind of a like T, very small but still kind of a T. This is the preferred type of replacement many repaired Yatagans have. I might be wrong but itís just a gut thing after seeing so many Yatagans, original and repaired ones. The bolsters are both replacements, one may be and sneer replacement that the other, agains based on the shape andaso the fit and finish. This type of Yatagans tend to have a straight edge bolster, again based on the examples I have seen. I am not expert and these are just based on my opinions based on a couple of bad pictures of the particular Yatahan without being able to see it in person. By the way I also believe the blade is highly polished , not the original finish. It still looks nice but Iím sure you will agree it is polished more recently.
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