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Originally Posted by CharlesS

To be honest I let it sit overnight because I was so conflicted over cutting the rattan, but what finally pushed me over the edge to cut it was my thinking that with the hilt in the condition it was in, handling it would only make it weaker and weaker, and at some point it might actually break.

The other thing that kept tugging at me was the fact that I know that was not the way the hilt was originally meant to be so "correcting" it would not be a sin even as interesting as it was with the rattan.

I was very surprised I was the only bid on it. The same guy had an interesting kampillan that I think went quite high.

There are issues that you canít avoid, in this case a broken hilt. Thatís why I said that it had to be done.
It surprised me as well that there were no opposing bids. Good for you.

On the subject of the Kampilan, it seems like it was meant to be wielded with a single hand. This one had a shorter light blade. Hopefully it will get posted on the forum for discussion.
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