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Originally Posted by ariel
My guess it is a recent composition of an older arsenal blade and a 20 century cheap mass produced handle with heavy repair ( see braised connection of the hilt an the upper disk).
Regretfully the blade is heavily rusted to the point that even heavy cleaning and polishing is very unlikely to reveal the composition of its steel.
It looks like freshly made Indian production: they have humongous supplies of broken parts and just slap them together
Sorry for the negative opinion.

Good to know - nothing negative if i'm learning something - a new area for me Tulwar. I had some poor photos to go off and picked it up for not a whole lot. The script was why I bought it. In building up a 35 piece Nepalese weapons collection I have made one or two "errors". Or educational experiences. These have allowed me to get most very right and some exceedingly so.

I think you are right that it is a marriage. In hand it does not look last week but if they came together in the second half of the 20th it would make sense from what I can see and what you have said.
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