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Bob A
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While having no knowledge whatever regarding these hilts, I'm struck by two thoughts on the subject.

First, the gorgeous examples above appear to be "parade" or "display" weapons. I can't imagine using them in battle. One might infer that the protrusions would therefore be more fanciful than utilitarian.

Second, many of these swords which I've seen depicted, of a far lower level of adornment, seem to have more nearly straight protrusions. Going on the basis of form following function, I see them as useful in striking against an attack from behind or below the sword-bearer. A backhand blow would be more quickly delivered than a 180 degree turn to bring a long blade into action. A descending blow from the hilt, assuming a mounted or more elevated position of the sword-bearer, would certainly crush a skull, for example. The mass of the sword would enhance the force of the stroke.
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