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"I have nothing but extreme respect for the gentleman behind Achim Weihrauch, and I most certainly would never knowingly, nor willingly compromise him."

Thank you for your respond A. G. Masey. I would like to add a small final comment.

The main interest of both persons, an I mean main interest is the technical aspect of the keris blade and less the ethnological.

What is dissapointing for me is that Achim Weihrauch didn't give more HORMAT in his dissertation to the importance of the man behind him. That he was to involved in these formal tecnocratic academic game to honor the officials which are responsible for receiving the titel but not berani to bring out more the benefit of his primary non-academic fomenter who's life is the keris.

I don't know when Warung Kopi was grounded but possibly - and carefully I say possibly - this forum might not exist without the engagement of that gentleman.
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