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Default A peculiar 1796 Pattern 'Spadroon'

I have an interesting sword coming my way, it is a 1796 Heavy Cavalry dismounted service sword. But instead of the regular double-edged spadroon blade, this sword has been mounted with a backsword blade that is marked 'Andrea Farara'.

From what I have seen the sword does not appear to be an out of period frankensword. The scabbard fits well and looks period made. Also, the sword would have been three times more valuable if it was in a basket hilt, as the blade is in very good condition.

I'm thinking that this is a family blade put in a dress hilt, either for a superior officer or a heavy cavalry officer that didn't want to risk losing a family heirloom on the field of battle. As always this is pure speculation and all comments are welcome.

Video: 1796 Pattern HC Dismounted Service Sword
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