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Originally Posted by Rick
Six years between your first post and your latest!
Did you misplace it for some time; or do you have a backlog of restorations to do that is that big??

Hello Rick,

yes, I've noticed the same. By this you can see how fast the time went. It's the latter, there are a lot of pieces which need still care before I am happy with them. Blade polish is the hardest job which I don't like really. And some things need the correct way to get finished, so I've tried many different solutions for removing the coating from the handle and scabbard, benzine, alcohol and some other before I tried acetone. Time is another problem when you working. An ideal would be to have all items in such a good condition like this other barong: or this dao: But sadly there are a lot of items which can need similar care. But I think every collector know this problem!

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