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Hi all, yes paintremover is quite an agressive stuff, but that is also the good think about it! One doesnt need to rub and brush and use substances that penetrate the wood etc!!!
It will just only affect the shellack and NOT the wood or organic matter and also patine. (it is like a siliconejam you put on top and does NOT penetrate materials)
Meaning; one does not need to rub and brush the piece thoroughly and therefore rubbing off patine and destroying the dried out materials under.

Yes I have used this myself quite often and I mostly clean it off just putting the object -already having the remover doing its work- under the (semi)hot running water and a very soft brush and dry it immediately after.
Bit slight oiling of the wood and you'l see the piece come to life.

Any method will take some patine off and -as a 'patineman' myself- I think this is the savest way to preserve any of that.

Even if you have never dealt with it before it is quite safe but just dont put it on your hands or eyes and it does have a 'stingy' gas coming from it. But can easily and without damage be put on organic materials and be whiped away.

You are becoming a handyman, arent you?!? He he. Good luck with any method you choose.
Best, Wouter
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