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Hello Roland,

Get well soon!

It starts with a straight part because somehow you have to fix the handle.

Nah, that's only the tang: E. g. your real shamshir starts out with a (slightly) curved edge already. However, I don't believe this has any importance since this part of the blade won't do much cutting...

how do you define separate curves?

Sorry, this is obviously to see and I also highlighted it.

That won't cut it as I tried to explain: If you prefer to dissect a continuum, you should define working criteria (when striving for reproducible results).

Yes I detemined the center of gravity and what is a sweet spot?

The preferred point of contact is often referred to as sweet spot - since it combines several qualities, it is a more functional and less objective "definition" based on feel rather than science. It might be preferable to stick with well defined parameters as COP, etc.

A comparison with the European "repro shamshir" will probably prove to be more interesting than with the M52 (the latter being an almost straight sword with a minor kink... )

I clearly will not waste my money for a Cold Steel Shamshir. And what is the sence to compare a Shamshir with a Shamshir?

Well, I believed the Euro "shamshir" you posted was yours, too. That one seems to be a real sword - no need to get a modern repro of questionable ergonomics...

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