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Originally Posted by Norman McCormick
Hi Cerjak,
A Caucasian Miquelet rifle, not that thick on the ground so despite condition, which could be repaired much better, could be worth adding to your collection. I suspect the galloping woodworm may have more to do with the break in the stock than a weighty barrel and the woodworm is the one thing than would make me cautious about adding this rifle to my collection. I have seen furniture with less wormholes that looked ok on the outside but were bereft of any substance inside. I have attached a few photos of mine for comparison although it is of a plainer type.
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Your gun seems to be in perfect condition,It is a long time I try to find one but those guns become so expensive so I had accept a gun in this condition because is still nice to see and was enable to find one in raisonable price but if one day I have the luck to find one in perfect condition I will not miss it.
Those gun are so nice and more and more collector are looking to buy those weapon so I had prefer to bought now affraid that one day the price become to high.


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