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Hello All,

Firstly, thanks to everyone who responded! I appreciate it!

Alan, you are as always a wealth of knowledge! Thank you both for clarifying on cenangan and on combong. You are an asset to this community.

Believe, especially when there are a number of believers, does have a certain power doesn't it? Whether in the very real placebo effect, or in how many fortunes are made or lost every day any stock market.

Thanks to both David and to Paul for providing more pics. Is it safe to say that this isn't a very common hilt style?

Paul, Yes! You're absolutely right! There is one with residual filling! I can't believe I missed this.

I tried to take a few close up photos of this, and a few others were there's residual filling. It looks a bit like a blackish? resin of some kind. Almost like a wax. A black filling would fit with the aesthetic of the other examples.

Anyone have any clue what it might be? I'm wondering it it's restorable.

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