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Default Bali Keris for Comment.

Hello All,

I've been meaning to post photos of this one for a while.I finally got around to taking some today.

I suspect this Keris from Bali has some real age. A hole has been worn through, I suspect from repeated washings. I believe there's a superstition about holes like this, something about how if you gaze at something through the hole you're supposed to receive it. When I received it in the mail, I immediately looked at my kitchen. I'll let you decide what that says about me. Beyond this, the blade is thick and has well defined features.

I've only seen this style of hilt a handful of times. A similar one shows up on page 103 of Kris Gli Invincibili, and perhaps in another book (Maybe Frey, but I've not had much luck finding it). The below webpage says this style is "Cecanginan" and a search through the archives finds one posting. I suspect that the protrusions once had stones in them. One of them may have been shaved off.

And here

It could probably use a uwer. I actually had purchase one, but it got lost in the mail. Maybe it's a sign.

Anyway, what do people think? Any examples of similar hilt's I've missed?
As always I'm happy to hear any and all thoughts and opinions.

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