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Default New pirate historical fiction novel

Hello all,

As you might know, I'm a little addicted to pirates and piracy, per my weapons collecting and threads over the years. I just published my first novel, entitled Pirate Straits-Oath of Blood, due out in July of this year (the second book in the series will follow in 2016). My publisher, Library Tales Publishing, has a pre-order set up on their page in case you don't wish to wait!-

These novels will present the real side of piracy, using authentic history, places, people with fictional background plot and other characters thrown in. If you are into adventure, history, piracy, boarding raids, fighting tactics, weaponry and sailing, this is for you. Featured are boarding weapons, ethnographic weaponry and people, the history of the slave trade, Bartholomew Roberts, colonial history, the North Carolina coast, etc.
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