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Hi Alex,


You mean brass/laiton/laton don't you?

I have cleaned the metal. no oils remain.
Do you mean to polish the metal until no nremain?
How would you etch the metal to bring out the wootz pattern? Teodor (TVV) suggests the following:

"you wash the blade and rub it with alcohol to make sure it is as clean as it can get, and then you dip it in some acidic solution. I prefer diluted vinegar: 1 part vinegar to 4 parts warm water. Then take out of the solution as soon as you are satisfied with the resulting pattern (assuming there is a pattern - keep in mind that sometimes the blade is plain steel and therefore there would be no pattern), wash with soap and dry thoroughly".

Haven't had time to do it, though.

BTW, who wore this type of weapon?



Originally Posted by ALEX
This is Persian indeed. 19th Century, not 17th. There are no inscriptions/writing on it. The gold on base of the blade and shaft is applied with coftgari technique. The blade may be wootz, I'd clean and test-etch it.
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