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something worth noting, and that has been made apparant with this article, is that returning a sword to its rightful owner doesnt necessarily do it justice. this sword has now been returned to the mysore state, but is owned by local businessman who uses it for his own personal gains. he didnt disclose his ownership until it was the right time for him politically and although he claims it will be on show at some exhibition, i wonder if this is the case. buying the sword was campaign motivated, and not of national pride. i dont know the outcome, but the same thing happened a few years back with a 'guru' sword owned by dalhousie. it was petitioned by the sikh community to get the sword back and they did. i wonder if any sikh has full right to see this sword now? i know that there are fractions within the community and no general place for all sikhs to see their heritage. as i said, i dont know where this sword is and so may be showing my ignorance. apologies if i stand corrected.
again, the same is happening with shivajis sword, which was a gift to the english royal family, and now petitioned for its return. for my own selfish reasons, i hope it stays.
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