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The webpage at Reference A gives a great summary on this weapon and the people who used it. The web page illustrates the weapon below against a grey background and hilt at the being a single piece molding rather than a pinned blade...

The weapon below with the spear shaped blade is from Reference B. which also gives a fascinating word terminology of its meaning at #18 which I must place here in full by bhushan_lawate . Six Years Ago !

The "Jamdhar" is a loose distortion of "Yamadaushtra" and evolved in the following way:

1. Yama (Lord of death per the Hindus) + Daushtra (tooth in Sanskrit)

which became - Yama + Dadh or "Jamdhad"

which is now "Jamdhar"

It is also used synonymous to Katars in some places in India.
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