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Originally Posted by ariel
You have perfectly described the course of any freewheeling discussion: they tend to veer off in unexpected directions and then happily return back on track. This is one of the charming features of this Forum, although sometimes it may get rather annoying.

Steady as she goes, boys!

Roger that Ariel!!! I like that .'freewheeling'
Actually I'm Ok with that idea, but sometimes some really good stuff, like this rapier blades on patas thing, get lost under the heading jamadhar kitari.

Actually I've been learning a lot on that as Ive kept researching it, and have found khandas with what appear to be rapier blades, and that patas did have them too. Years ago I read somewhere that Marathas disdained the thrust and only subscribed to slashing sure would appear that's wrong.
So there's the beauty of conflict and different views.....there are things to be learned. ..possibly this becomes a topic for its own thread.

Regardless, I see your point, and well stated.
Steady on boys
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