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Default Kindjal with Gold Damascene

Here is a circ 1800's Kindjal, can it be dated more closely?
Has a OAL of 21 1/4" and blade of 15 1/2" and 1 15/16" wide.
Blade has some gold damascene patterns. These patterns have been added over a very fine crosshatch in the steel blade, does this help to retain the gold?

It appears to have been hammer forged, exhibiting a couple minor flaws in the blade.
Could this blade be wootz, I can almost see a fine grain, or is it just staining and old eyes, but would need to be polished and acid etched to bring it out if it is present.
I don't know if some of these blades were wootz or just forged.
The blade is well made with deep fullers.

Any info would be appreciated.
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