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Thanks for sharing. Interesting piece.
The blade is a bayu blade. First I thought it was a reshaped mandau, but after having a close look at the photo, it looks like it also had been forged this way.
Probably it is a version of a bayu blade around 1900, or might be slightly earlier.

Though the dragonmotifs (incised at the base) on the blade and the scabbard seem to be from Central Borneo (Kayan tribes), the hilt is from more southern areas. Could be an old match though, looking at the resin ring which looks original and old.

A typicall Bayu scabbard normally had been carved in the shape of the blade, and the one you are depicting has a typicall mandau scabbard. But there are some bayus known from old collections / provenance with mandau scabbards also instead of a Bayu scabbard.

If you are searching for "bayu", you will find others including more information.

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