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Yes, the motives of decoration are Circassian but this is expected: Meghrelians belonged to the Circassian “group” in the esthetic sense. Please see Rivkin’s book with multiple examples of it. The distinctive feature of Meghrelian blades is the flat panel at the base of it.

I see your point re. “ flatlanders” vs. “ mountaineers”. But at least 2 independent papers ( one by a Georgian arms researcher Vakhtang Kiziria, another by a Russian museum worker from the staff of the Hermitage museum, if I am nor mistaken) carefully discuss the ethical dimensions: slashing or cutting wounds were not life-threatening whereas a stabbing one was. The use of the latter was frowned upon in the majority of Caucasian traditions and was limited against animals but was used very grudgingly against humans and only in extreme circumstances ( mortal enemies, horse thieves etc.)
Why were Meghrelians so very liberal with stabbing ? I do not understand it and could not find any decent explanation.
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