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Hi Stefan:

I'm looking at this gunong and the other blade that you posted here at the same time, the Espada Maranao, and it looks to me that these were probably made in the same place and at roughly the same time. Both seem to have the same very white material for the hilts (which David has identified as probably coming from a giant clam), and the scabbards appear to be constructed similarly from what looks to me to be mango wood. The white metal is probably white brass or similar alloy IMHO.

If so, then your gunong would be a recent Maranao product. Hilts made from this very white material (from the giant clam, Tridacna) seem to have appeared in the last 2030 years, and may be a replacement for ivory, which has become more expensive and harder to obtain with the implementation of international treaties banning ivory use. Mango wood is an inexpensive hardwood that seems to be used more frequently in sheaths during the last 30 or so years.

Did you get these two from the same seller?

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