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Default test

Well i tested it and a little disappointing, it cannot be classified as gold! I was so convinced that it was gold because of the feel, silver and gold transport heat very well, and the colour, but gold can only be clasified as gold if it contains more than 50% gold!

I tested with 4 bottles, the right is 21.5k, then 18k, 14k and at the left 8k.
You can see that the three on the right disappeared so it must be under 14k.
Only the 8k stayed, so it could be >8k gold.

So metal pendok containing gold....

About gold, and i mainly work with rings, the official Indonesian gold is >21.5k what is absolutely not good for a ring, i'll post a ring and you can see that it is actual to soft. In Indonesia there are a lot of objects from silver in 72% that cannot be classified as silver but are totally genuine because that is the exact percentage of silver in the dutch coins. Also i see lots of rings in 14k gold, also the Dutch standard for gold, so probably made in order of someone who brought his own gold. I realy thought this would be 14k, but the test gives this result.
Suasa is possible because it is normaly 9k...
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