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Originally Posted by Evgeny_K
Sorry for this thread. I was not sure that it's a fantasy "weapon". I thought it might be a replica (of some real Eastern/Asian weapon).

While this is most obviously not an actual weapon, I understood your original question which was reasonably placed. In studying arms there are often examples of theatrical, souvenir, ceremonial etc. weapons which are often based on actual weapons and can sometimes be mistaken for those 'prototypes' which you mention in your query.

The haladie suggestion was probably the most viable, and while the observations on some of the 'Hollywood' weaponry is of course somewhat laughable, I have on occasion found the 'models' or 'ideas' used to fashion them interesting.

I recall the blue 'gunstock war club' used in the movie "Last of the Mohicans", which really piqued my interest. I reached various individuals involved in production and finally reached the artisan who made the weapon (five in total) used. I found that these war clubs with knife blades were not really used by the Woodland tribes, but a Plains Indian weapon in actuality. The late Norm Flayderman told me these were not made from repurposed gun stocks as often believed, but the shape recalled them. The blue color was simply for effect.

I agree it is outside the regular theme here to discuss 'fantasy' type items, but wanted to add some perspective.
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