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Default Ethiopian Oromo headdress

Wish to share this with you guys. Years ago I got a furry headdress from a friend who knew I was into Ethiopian "stuff". He told me it was Ethiopianů. At the time, I had my doubts as I had never seen one like it and I could not find any reference. I thought it was Central African, maybe from the Congo..... Talking about lack of experience... But collecting is also studying and learning. Finally, after many years I found some photographic evidence in an old black and white picture. And then, a few recent colour pictures of Oromo horsemen in their native costumes. So there it is: a vintage Oromo headdress. It is made from the mane of a GELADA (also known as Ethiopian baboon). Now, a question for you guys: how to preserve it??? I tried to gently comb it, but it sheds a lot. Also I do not want it to get infested. Any suggestions? Keep it in a glass case with moth balls??
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